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Core strengths

Core strengths
We are committed to providing customers around the world the most intimate, the most complete and most innovative LED display products and services

Advanced technology

Has more than 50 countries and regions to create tens of thousands of success stories

long history

18 years of development focus on LED application technology

Strict quality management

National science and technology innovation enterprises have a number of product technology patents

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7 * 24 hour professional service
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From R & D design to lean manufacturing, we treat products as works of art
经济的发展和社会的进步,离不开各行各业信息化水平的有效提升。事业单位作为为人民服务的 更应将信息化建设摆在首要议程。信息技术的进步,为政府信息化的不断深入提供了技术实现的可能。顺应政府信息化的时代潮流,构建我国的电子政府,对于经济发展和社会进步都有着重要意义。信息发布:当前,随着政府部……
about us
Is committed to become China's largest manufacturer of LCD monitors, LCD large-screen display system splicing provider of the best solution

Shenzhen Detian Technology Co。, Ltd。 is a professional engaged in security for LED LCD, LCD monitor, LCD display unit, customized 5 - 82 inch LCD display products professional factory, is also one of the earliest China into large LCD screen mosaic manufacturers; the company has a large number of years engaged in liquid crystal display for senior technician and business personnel, with advantages of the Pearl River Delta manufacturing base of electronic products, to provide professional services for the construction and customer service, customers over the years, the company has been committed to technology development and brand building, technology and quality is the basis for the development and expansion of the company, to promote the development of the industry, to enhance the brand value-added products, products undergo strict testing, to to ensure superior stability, the factory will as in the past to the quality system as a guide, for users to create high value-added products trusted。。。。


一、图像感觉蒙上一层五颜六色水彩色发生此问题是因为拼接盒程序与屏……[ detailed ]

Combination of liquid crystal splicing display screen

A complete security monitoring system or video conference system……[ detailed ]


公司各部门、供应商以及各位客户:年关将至,公司预祝全体员工新年快乐,万事如意。同时感谢新老客户在即将过去一年里的支持和信任。为方便春节假期前的业务合作,特将放假安排提前告知:一:放假时间元旦假……[See details]


德天科技专于安防监控、商业显示、专业液晶拼接厂家,下面专业介绍一下超窄边液晶拼接屏,都有那些产品以及功能。 超窄边有两种说法 1、边框上的窄边:即上、左、右三边相对于以往的拼接屏来说边框要……[See details]
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